Labels – Glossary

Learn How to Customize Labels

Back Slit

This isn’t referring to a sassy little skirt, but rather the cut on the back of the liner for quick and easy removal.

Adhesive Side Printing

Adhesive side printing offers the option of printing on BOTH sides of the label, whether it’s the same message or different ones. For example, a label on a clear bottle with a transparent
liquid. The front of the label conveys the product’s brand information, while the back of the label, viewable through the liquid contents, may serve
to communicate ingredients and directions for use. No need for two separate labels! Efficiency at its finest. Not available on removable stock.


Promote Your Brand with Labels

Labels are a cost-effective solution to getting your business noticed by potential customers. If you are looking for a fresh way to promote your business, use labels. Engage your audience with colorful, interesting labels that deliver your message, your style! MyGeoPrint offers low minimums for projects and events of all sizes. We offer many label options that ship within 24 hours for last-minute orders.



Be Creative Showcase your Brand with Labels

Link to your website with barcode and QR code labels
Highlight seasonal promotions, offers, events and anniversaries with labels.
Offer water to your customers with custom water bottle labels.
Give away bumper stickers and sticker sheets at local parades, and tradeshows.
If you have multiple locations, you can place a single label order with variable content.

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