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Take advantage of the finest line of All Things Wedding, Elegant Social Stationery, Custom Gifts and custom Accessories for all of your life events and occasions!
The partnership between Mygeoprint and Carlson Craft Printing allows you to choose from a broad variety of Social Stationery and Holiday Stationery products. Here, you will be able to customize the finest, most elegant products for all your occasions and events.
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The story of Mygeoprint:
In 1920, Frank Schulman started the Frank Schulman Paper, a business that evolved into a group of companies that stood up the test of time. Mafcote Inc, one of the largest US paper coating and converting company owns a number of manufacturing and converting facilities, throughout the United States. It also has direct distribution of its finished paper and paperboard consumer goods through its affiliate company, Royal Consumer Products LLC.
In 2005, Mafcote Inc, acquired Geographics Inc, the Canadian company that pioneered the development of designer stationery and desktop printing products for business and personal use.

Today, Mafcote owns the Geographics®, Royal Brites®, Royal Lace®, Iclicknprint® and Mygeoprint® brands.

In 2013, 5A Plus LLC, an e-business Mafcote company started to perfect Clicknprint.com, a free online platform that offered free customization of Geographics products that was created in 2007. Later on, Clicknprint became Iclicknprint Design Center, a free customization platform for Geographics,Royal Brites and Royal Lace products.
As the markets and technology evolved and customer needs shifted towards customization, offering a wider range of designer products, together with the creative customization of products for different tastes and needs, became overdue.

Our products are crossing the custom stationery boundaries into business and promotional products, custom printed clothing for men, women and children, custom printed home accessories, gifts and more.
We are actively adding new products so please, do not be a stranger!

The Story of Carlson Craft:

In 1948, Bill Carlson began Carlson Letter Service, a fine stationery printing company and had big success over the next few decades. The wholesale wedding market created incredible business growth.
A few years after starting the company, Carlson hired Glen Taylor, a college student, who purchased the company in 1972 and changed its name to Carlson Craft. Taylor grew the business to be one of the largest privately held corporations in the US, with more than 80 companies and 12,000 employees. In 1998, The Occasions Group was formed. Five Taylor facilities were brought together as one company with one goal: to be the preferred company for life’s social events.

As a MyGeoPrint customer, you can take advantage of the rich history and print experience that the Social Stationery & Holiday Stationery store offers.

With our large selection of products and styles we have something for everyone. We are here to help you achieve your desired quality of print.

Our goal is to become your number one shop for all things custom printed!
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  1. Elegant designs
  2. Fine paper stock
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  6. Virtual proofs
  7. Templates, Special Fonts, Clip Art & Wording!

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